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Train as a team with hands-on, live instruction


Unlock the full potential of Atlassian tools and approaches for everyone you work with. Team training provides you with a live, authorized instructor and hands-on labs that get everyone learning by doing.

Why learn together?

  • Gain a shared understanding of their Atlassian tools and workflows
  • Experience the same learning materials at the same time
  • Get team-specific questions answered by a live instructor

How team training works at Atlassian University

Dedicated and experienced live instructors

Atlassian University partners with experienced instructors: individuals who demonstrate both product and instruction expertise. These authorized individuals and companies are located around the world, offering your team the chance to learn from a teacher in your region and in your local language.

Access to hands-on lab environments

The best way to retain what you've learned is through doing. We offer virtual, hands-on labs that give your team the chance to try what they've learned in a safe, sandboxed environment. These valuable labs reinforce a team's training. You can still use labs for continued learning beyond the classroom time with your instructor.

Virtual or on-site? Your choice

Whether you're an enterprise with your own on-campus space or a distributed team that connects over videoconferencing, our training can meet you where you are. Each team training session can host up to 15 attendees, allowing everyone to ask team-specific questions and gain a shared learning experience they can carry into their everyday work.

Learn more about virtual and on-site courses →

Bring training to your entire team

Plan your training with flexible Training Credits

Training Credits are like a gift card for Atlassian University courses.

If you need flexibility within a rigid procurement system or want to plan your team's training on an annual basis, Training Credits are made for you.

No matter the size — from the team to department to an entire enterprise — everyone in your organization can share a common set of credits to pay for training over the course of a year.

You'll also get a 20% discount on bulk training credit purchases.

See how Training Credits work →

What if you don’t control your team’s training budget?

We’ve got you covered!

Here’s an email template you can use to make the case to your manager for Atlassian University team training.

Just replace a few key phrases to customize the email to your needs. Then send it to your manager or lead that makes the decision.

Bring training to your entire team