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ACP-620 Managing Jira Cloud Projects Certification

Become an Atlassian Certified Professional. Project Administrators are experts at configuring and optimizing Jira Software’s Scrum and Kanban projects for their teams.

Atlassian Certification in Managing Jira Projects for Cloud (ACP-MJCP) showcases that you:

  • apply best practices to translate team requirements into robust project configurations

  • manage project users, roles, permissions and troubleshoot problems

  • know how to groom the backlog and deliver issues in sprints and releases

  • are proficient at configuring boards across projects and teams

  • know the ins and outs of versions, components, and issue assignment

  • demonstrate expertise in JQL, reports, dashboards, and gadgets

In a 2019 survey, 91% of Atlassian Certified professionals reported that earning their credential increased their confidence using or administering Atlassian products.

Exam Details

Products covered: Jira Software Cloud
Timing: Your purchase of the course comes with an exam voucher. You must complete the exam within 60 days of your purchase of the course.
Location: Proctored online. Also available at testing centers.

Download the exam topics

ACP exams are intended to be challenging

Increase your chances of success with careful preparation!

Training and experience you'll need

Atlassian University recommends 6 months of experience using Jira before taking the training course and exam.

Fill the knowledge gaps with Skillbuilder courses

ACP exams test your complete knowledge of Atlassian products.

To dive further into topics and specific features, we encourage you to take Skillbuilder courses. Skillbuilders are free lessons to help you fill in the topic or feature gaps in your product knowledge – areas that you might not have firsthand experience yet.

These selected Skillbuilders will help you prepare for this exam:

General tips to be successful on your exam

  • Get hands-on practice across all the topics. Focus on areas you don't spend a lot of time working with.

  • Understand how Jira operates with no apps installed.

  • Check out the Atlassian product documentation. You'll discover slight differences in topics that might not know about.

  • If you normally use a localized product, be sure to use the English version to prepare for the exam. That way you'll be familiar with the names of menu options and other product features.

  • You're only allowed to have a few specific items with you during your exam:

    • A hard copy of the English or English Translation Dictionary (Printed on paper. Not digital.) This is allowed both online or at testing centers.
    • Pencil/pen and paper. These are allowed at testing centers only and have to be supplied by the testing center.
    • Water in a clear container

Schedule your exam

  1. Learn how you schedule and take an exam.

  2. Your course comes with an exam payment voucher. You can use the voucher to take your exam within 60 days of your purchase. Schedule and pay for the exam with your voucher in the Certification Portal.

  3. Mark your calendar, get plenty of rest, and do your best. You got this!