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Atlassian Access Administration

Atlassian Access Administration: Course description

This course cannot currently be purchased. Please stand by while we build an exciting new learning experience. If you’d like more information, please refer to our landing page outlining the change and temporary purchase freeze.

Minimize security risk while saving time. Learn how to use Atlassian Access for enterprise-grade identity and access management (IAM).

This on-demand course will show you how to use Atlassian Access to easily administer enterprise-level security and authentication controls for all users across Atlassian products.

  • How to verify your organization domain(s) to claim users

  • How to integrate a third-party identity provider for SAML single sign-on (SSO)

  • How to automatically onboard, update, or deactivate users and groups

  • How to check user and product activity for transparency and compliance

Whether you’ve migrated to Cloud, manage too many users manually, or simply want to better protect your company’s data, you can enhance security and governance for Atlassian cloud products across your organization with Atlassian Access.

For Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) single sign-on (SSO), you’ll get a walkthrough to set up a third-party identity provider. This course uses Okta as an example. But you can apply the process to Microsoft Azure, Idaptive, Google, or other supported identity providers.

You’ll also see how to add security policies without using an identity provider, such as enforcing two-step verification.

User provisioning and deprovisioning is also covered – so your team automatically has access to Atlassian products exactly when they should (and never when they shouldn’t).

And to be able to detect suspicious behavior, manage shadow IT, and streamline product usage, you’ll learn how to oversee activity across your entire organization.

Learn Atlassian Access now to save time and minimize security risks.

Atlassian organization administrators of any size company.

Existing knowledge of organization administration. To implement what you learned, you’ll need to have Atlassian organization administrator privileges at your organization and an Atlassian Access trial or subscription.

1. Course Overview (5 minutes)

2. Prepare and set up your organization  (7 minutes)
      - Setting up your Atlassian organization

3. Configure authentication policies and provision users (45 minutes)
       - Review & update your default authentication policy
       - Configure SSO/SAML
       - Provision users & groups
       - Create a policy

4. Regularly maintain your organization’s security (26 minutes)
      - Deactivate user
      - Organization insights
      - Audit log
      - Conclusions

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Learn Atlassian Access now to save time and minimize security risks