Plan, represent, and celebrate progress

Create goals, as your company’s leader, to represent the expected outcomes of your organization’s quarterly or yearly planning and share them across Atlassian products. Then, represent pieces of work you’ll need to complete to reach your goals with projects, and organize everyone who will work on a project into a team. Easily view goals and related work with several search options, stay up-to-date on progress with notifications, and track progress with topics and views. Finally, learn how goals can help your entire organization align to a shared mission.

This course is intended for leaders who set and track goals.

After this course, you’ll also be able to:

  • Find your team’s goals.
  • Follow projects, goals, topics, and teams.
  • Use Atlassian best practices to communicate goals to your organization.
  • Create custom fields to collect the information you need.
  • Export data to CSV for further analysis.

The functionality in this course is currently undergoing a transition from Atlas to a new experience. Your version of goals may look slightly different. Your Atlassian organization admin can enroll your site in our early access program to see up-to-date versions of these features.