Match Atlassian plans, products and capabilities to your needs

Choose the Atlassian Cloud plan that suits your business needs, make the most of your site, manage subscriptions, and manage product URLs, which allow users to easily share links to specific places, projects, issues, boards, or dashboards, enabling collaboration and efficient project management.

After this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain everything included in the Atlassian Cloud free, standard, premium, and enterprise plans.
  • Change the Atlassian Cloud plan for a product.
  • Add a product to and remove a product from your organization.
  • Delete an entire site.
  • Access and control billing for your organization.
  • Customize product URLs.
  • Set the landing product for a site.

Managing the Products Needed in Your Organization is part of a larger Administer Atlassian organizations learning path.