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Jira Automation for Admins: Skillbuilder Course Description

Jira Automation for Admins: Skillbuilder Course Description

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to configure complex automation rules
  • How to manage rule scope and permissions
  • How to troubleshoot automation rules

Save time with Jira automation configurations for experienced admins

Leverage the power of automation to save time and make your Jira projects and processes more efficient.

Dive deep into configuring complex automation rules, including triggers, conditions, actions, branch rules, and smart values. Understand the effects of rule scope and permissions configurations, and analyze the audit log to test and troubleshoot. Become familiar with global administration to view rule usage and performance.

Finally, prepare for your certification exam with practice use-case solutions and practice certification questions.

This course is designed for Jira administrators, Jira project administrators, scrum masters, project managers, and team leaders.

Before taking this course, we suggest you take Managing Jira Projects or Jira Administration Part 1 and Jira Administration Part 2, or have equivalent experience.


  1. Overview

  2. Configuration

  3. Use cases

  4. Tips, tricks and techniques

  5. Global admin settings

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Learning Paths

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