Express and emphasize your ideas

Start fresh with a blank Confluence page or save time and maintain organization and consistency with an existing template. Then, enhance your page with customized text formatting, images, macros, and status updates. You’ll also learn how to use Atlassian Intelligence to create, summarize, and edit content, and you’ll explore how Confluence automation can complete routine functions.

After this course, you’ll also be able to:

  • Create, publish, update, move, archive, and delete pages in Confluence.
  • Add macros to extend Confluence capabilities and display information from other applications.
  • Seamlessly flow between Jira and Confluence to maximize efficiency.
  • Explain how Confluence databases can organize and connect work.
  • Describe how team calendars can keep team events organized.
  • Work more effectively with Atlassian Intelligence.

Creating and enhancing pages in Confluence is part of a larger Get started with Confluence learning path.