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SLAs in Jira Service Management: Skillbuilder course description

SLAs in Jira Service Management: Skillbuilder Course Description

Learn basics and configuration of Service Level Agreements (SLAs), then earn a Pro Skills Badge

This free Atlassian Skillbuilder course begins with an overview of Service Level Agreements (SLAs)—what they are and why they’re used.

The course then advances to teach you how to create, configure and use both out-of-box SLAs and custom ones for specific use cases. Dive deep into the SLA lifecycle and related JQL functions and caveats. Finally, put it all together to monitor, report, and tune SLAs so you can deliver timely service and increase customer satisfaction.

Enroll now in this free Skillbuilder course. It's the first step toward earning a Pro Skills Badge.

After completing this course, you are eligible to earn an Atlassian Pro Skills Badge (ASB-412).

To earn the badge, you must complete the free Skillbuilder course and pass a short online quiz (schedule it below).

Plan your choices carefully with these considerations in mind:

  • After you complete the Skillbuilder course, you can take the quiz to earn the badge immediately or you can wait until you need to extend a certification.

  • Earning this badge will extend any related Certification by two additional years (24 months), provided that you earn it before your certification’s suspension date.

→ Learn more about extending credentials.

  • Products covered: Jira Service Management Cloud.

  • Location: online, not proctored.

  • Schedule and pay for your quiz in the Certification Portal using a credit card or a voucher.

  • This is a non-proctored quiz that can be launched at any time. Once the quiz begins, you must complete it within one hour.

  • If you passed, your new Atlassian Pro Skills badge will appear in the Certification Portal within 1-2 business days. If you did not pass, you can register again. The retake fee is the same as the initial fee.

Your Pro Skills Badge is valid for two years (24 months). To keep all your Pro Skills Badges active, simply add a new one every 24 months.

→ Learn how to maintain your Pro Skills Badges.