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Atlassian Certification: 5 Insider Tips for Success


Recorded Atlassian University Live Webinar

In this webinar, you'll learn five concrete tips to help you earn the highly-coveted ACP-100 credential. (If you’re considering the ACP-120 Cloud certification instead, we suggest watching the webinar anyway, as there’s a sizable overlap between the Data Center and Cloud exams, and you’ll hear directly from the experts who wrote the exam.)

Watch the recording to:

  • Learn what you don’t need to know for the exam (it might not be as hard as you think!)

  • Understand the most crucial concepts, including permissions, project schemes, and system settings

  • Hear Atlassian experts outline the best end-to-end strategy for success; from setting up a sandbox environment to sitting down at the testing center

This webinar is intended for Jira admins, Jira project admins, and anyone considering earning the ACP-120 or ACP-100 credential. Although the ACP-100 credential is for Jira Data Center/Server, all the same exam tips apply to Jira Cloud as does much of the core exam content.


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