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Ready for the next step up from quick search and basic search? You’re in the right place. This self-paced course will get you started with the most flexible and powerful way to search in Jira Software.

  • How to find issues in Jira using complex search criteria

  • JQL syntax, structure, and terminology

  • How to write basic JQL queries

When you have hundreds of Jira issues, finding the right one can be a challenge.

Advanced search with JQL will help you find it faster.

This course will get you started with how search works in Jira. You’ll move on to understand the elements of a JQL query. Then find out how to use Jira features to make it easier to write queries.

You’ll put what you learned into practice: You’ll write your very first JQL search query.

And finally, you’ll test what you’ve learned in a simulated version of Jira Software.

Side note: This is the first in a series of JQL courses — the most requested help at Atlassian University. So stick with us to build your JQL skills.

Also included for free in this course

A downloadable course takeaway.

a thumbnail image of the Intro To JQL downloadable takeaway
Save this course takeaway right to your desktop! You can use it anytime you need to reference how to write a query.

Get started learning JQL now and save time finding issues.

Intermediate Jira Software users who are new to JQL and want to deepen their knowledge of Jira’s features.

To do well in this course, you’ll want to have completed Jira Fundamentals or have a similar experience using Jira Software.

1. How to search in Jira (4 minutes)

Get introduced to the three ways you can search for issues in Jira and reasons why you might use each one.

2. What is JQL? (3 minutes)

Learn the basics of JQL – how to access JQL searches and how queries are structured.

3. JQL syntax and terminology (8 minutes)

Understand the elements of JQL syntax and each component works to filter search results.

4. Syntax help in Jira (2 minutes)

Discover three Jira features in Jira that help you write JQL queries as you go.

5. How to write your first query (3 minutes)

Go through a step-by-step walkthrough connected to a realistic example scenario as you write your first simple JQL query.

Start this course now and learn how to find the issue you’re looking for faster using JQL advanced search.

Learning Paths