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Trello Fundamentals for Your Team


Build confidence in your team's Trello skills

Help your team learn how to use Trello in just 90 minutes.  We’ve curated a number of short, self-paced courses to help (and save you time answering the basics!).

Whether your team needs to start with key concepts like cards, lists, and boards or wants to optimize team collaboration in Trello, there’s something for everyone on your team.

We’ve broken the lessons up by product experience below, but Trello Fundamentals learning path is a general Trello overview for mixed-level teams.

Share the complete Trello Fundamentals learning path with all 3 courses:

Is your team short on time?

Share just part of the learning path based on each team member's experience level.

Get started with Trello: For your newbies

Designed for new Trello users, these self-paced lessons cover the basics of how to use Trello. Your team will learn important terms and Trello features like boards, lists, and cards.

Working in Trello: For your intermediate users

This content shows your team how to start organizing and managing their work in Trello. They’ll get familiar with the Trello interface so they can collaborate with teammates and keep cards organized.

Trello best practices: For your power users

This course highlights expert tips and practices to get the most out of Trello. Your team will learn ways to improve team collaboration with Trello’s unique features.