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Managing a Board in Trello

Set up and manage your Trello boards to jumpstart your team’s work — and your personal productivity

This self-guided course will help you make Trello simpler and more organized — whether you’re collaborating in a cross-functional team workflow or simply creating your own personal to-do list.

  • How to set up boards and manage access

  • How to speed up your manual work with templates and automation

  • How to create workflows that are easy for you and your team to manage

If you’ve ever created a board in Trello, you’re an admin!

But if you’re spending a lot of time manually managing the board — duplicating cards by hand, writing in individual details — or if your Trello workflow is too messy or complicated for you or your team to use — this course will help you out.

You’ll learn to use features that make board management easier. Including how to manage permissions, create templates, and automate busywork with Butler.

If you’re a Trello Premium and Enterprise member, you’ll discover how you can visualize your work in new ways with board views.

This course also gives you example use cases, an interactive storyline simulation, and certification-style assessment questions. Then you’ll have the opportunity to earn a badge to share. So you can get practice and make sure you retain what you’ve learned.

Included for free with this course: A downloadable Trello board quick reference guide.

This guide summarizes all the key takeaways from the course. Save it to your desktop or print it to use anytime you need.

Simplify, organize, and streamline your Trello board workflow

Any user who is an admin of a board on a free, standard, premium, or enterprise Trello plan.

  1. How to manage board users and permissions (7 minutes)

  2. How to use Custom Fields (5 minutes)

  3. How to create template boards and cards (6 minutes)

  4. How to create Butler commands (7 minutes)

  5. How to manage Butler commands (4 minutes)

  6. How to use Board views [Trello Premium and Enterprise] (6 minutes)

  7. Practice what you’ve learned (5 minutes)

Configure your boards and jumpstart your team’s work