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Trello Enterprise Administration

This course cannot currently be purchased. Please stand by while we build an exciting new learning experience. If you’d like more information, please refer to our landing page outlining the change and temporary purchase freeze.

Set up your Trello Enterprise for optimal security and functionality.

Learn how to customize security settings and manage user permissions in this self-guided course about Trello Enterprise Administration.

  • How to manage user access

  • How to set Enterprise-wide permissions

  • How to customize Trello Enterprise security settings

Your organization’s Trello Enterprise Administrator is an important role.

You control Enterprise-wide settings across all licensed Enterprise members. That includes member permissions, board settings, and approved Power-Ups and file-sharing tools.

With great power comes great responsibility. It’s your job to set up Trello Enterprise for your team’s success, optimizing both security and functionality.

In this course, you’ll discover everything you need to set up your Enterprise. This includes customizing your security settings, managing user access, and setting Enterprise-wide permissions. That way, the right can people can access what they need without compromising information security.

This course also gives you example use cases, an interactive storyline simulation, and certification-style assessment questions. Then, you’ll have the opportunity to earn a badge you can share with your network. That way, you can practice with the tool and retain what you’ve learned.

Included for free with this course: A downloadable Trello Enterprise Administration quick reference guide.

This guide summarizes all the key takeaways from the course. Save it to your desktop (or Trello board!) to use anytime you need.

Set your team up for success with Trello Enterprise Administration.

  • Trello Enterprise Administrators.
  1. Admin roles in Trello Enterprise (3 minutes)

  2. How to manage users in Trello Enterprise (7 minutes)

  3. How to configure permissions in Trello Enterprise (6 minutes)

  4. How to customize security settings in Trello Enterprise (6 minutes)

Set up your Trello Enterprise for optimal security and functionality.