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Knowledge Bases in Jira Service Management

Deflect tickets and empower your customers and team to self-serve

Do you spend too much time answering repetitive questions? Not for long. This free Skillbuilder course will show you how to get up and running with a ticket-deflecting knowledge base connected to Jira Service Management (Cloud).

In this course, you will learn the following
  • How to set up, connect, and use a knowledge base for customer and team self-service.

  • How to use reports to improve your knowledge base usage and efficiency.

  • How to troubleshoot problems and approach fulfilling new use cases.

If you limit your support system to requests only, you might eventually run into a few problems:

Customers who expect — but can't get — 24/7 support. Employees waiting for help. And agents who waste time with repetitive and basic support requests.

But a knowledge base lets you share information and know-how to make self-service possible.

Customers and team members can then help themselves by finding the right solutions themselves — instead of raising a request. With immediate access to knowledge base articles right from an issue or request, agents will be more effective.

This course will show you how to set up, use, maintain, and improve your knowledge base with Jira Service Management (Cloud).

You’ll discover:

  • Several Jira Service Management features to access knowledge bases without leaving your project

  • How to create and share articles — the building blocks of a solid knowledge base

  • How to use reports to monitor the effectiveness of your knowledge base

  • Use cases with different approaches for improvements

  • Troubleshooting scenarios to avoid common problems

So enroll now to start deflecting more tickets and empower your customers and team to self-serve.

  • Jira Service Project Managers

  • Jira Service Project Agents

  • Jira Administrators looking to understand the requirements to set up a service project

  • Confluence administrators and Confluence space administrators

To get the most out of this course, we recommend that you have…

  • Experience working with Jira Service Management as an agent or manager.

  • Experience creating content and using macros in Confluence.

  • Experience in setting permissions and page restrictions in Confluence.

  • Completed the Managing Jira Service Projects course.

1. Course Overview (5 minutes)

2. Ticket Deflection (15 minutes)
       Learn proactive methods to solve requests before they become a ticket or phone call.

3. Connecting a Knowledge Base (15 minutes)
       A step-by-step walkthrough to link your knowledge base to Jira and configure access with Confluence.

4. Using the Knowledge Base in tickets (15 minutes)
       Learn how to create and share articles within Jira tickets.

5. Reporting (20 minutes)
       Improve your knowledge base by interpreting and gaining insights from predefined reports.

6. Use Cases and Troubleshooting (30 minutes)
       Evaluate realistic use cases and troubleshooting scenarios with a method to define the problem, design the solution, then build and test.

Enroll in the course now to deflect tickets and empower your customers and team with self-service.

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