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Atlassian Cloud Organization Administration

This course cannot currently be purchased. Please stand by while we build an exciting new learning experience. If you’d like more information, please refer to our landing page outlining the change and temporary purchase freeze.

Learn how to use Atlassian organization to bring your company’s users and products together

Gain clarity to administrate product access and licenses to your organization with this in-depth self-paced course. This course will also help you toward earning an Atlassian certification in Organization Administration.

After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Manage user access to an organization and its products

  • Create groups and manage groups

  • Take advantage of free, premium, and advanced features

About this course

This course pulls together everything you need to get started managing Atlassian accounts of your employees and the products that belong to your organization.

You’ll learn to add users and manage them without making potentially costly mistakes – like using up too many license seats, or worse, unauthorized data access.

Plus, you’ll gain an understanding of more advanced features if you have Atlassian Cloud Premium.

This course includes in-depth lectures, demos, use-case scenarios, and interactions.

This course is designed for Jira or Confluence administrators, Atlassian product/application owners, and user provisioning managers.

Before taking this course, we recommend you have an understanding of user administration, but is not required.

Develop your skills at your own individual pace
The on-demand training format for this course is designed for your busy life:
Pause and come back where you left off for up to 90 days.
All on-demand training is a wallet-friendly $39.
Upskill with engaging bite-sized modules or as part of a well-rounded learning path.
Rather bring live instruction to your whole team? Check out the team training for this course →

Lessons include

  • Course Overview

  • Atlassian Cloud Administration

  • Creating and Setting Up an Organization

  • Creating Sites and Adding Products

  • Managing Product Access

  • Manage Users and Groups

  • Granting Administration Access/Roles

  • Configuring and Administering Managed Accounts

  • Managing Organizations with Premium and Enterprise Plans

  • Using Advanced Features

  • Using Atlassian Access

Learn how to use Atlassian organization to bring your company’s users and products together