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Jira Administration Part 1 Data Center and Server

Learn the skills you need to succeed as a Jira administrator in Data Center & Server

In this course, you will learn the following
  • How to set up a new Jira instance for your organization

  • Familiarity with important Jira administrator best practices and responsibilities

  • How to manage users, set permissions, and configure projects

You’ll also get experience performing important Jira administrator tasks.

Configure Jira, manage users, apply global permissions, create new projects, update workflows, and control access to your products. Through real-world business scenarios, you’ll learn tips and best practices to ensure your success as a Jira administrator.

Experiment without breaking anything

All instructor-led team training (Team Virtual and Team On-site only) includes access to Atlassian University’s unique hands-on labs — a safe, sandbox environment to learn the tools by using them. So you can reinforce your team's training with some muscle memory. You can continue to access labs for 24 hours after classroom time with your instructor.

this course is for
  • New Jira administrators who manage Jira Software, Jira Service Management, and/or Jira Work Management

  • Administrators working in Jira Data Center or Server

recommended prerequisites
lessons include

Lessons (Data Center & Server)

  1. Course Overview (15 min)

  2. Configuring Your System (85 min)

  3. Setting Up Users & Groups (70 min)

  4. Configuring Global Permissions ( 50 min)

  5. Creating & Configuring Projects (125 min)

  6. Configuring Project Roles & Permissions (75 min)

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Learning Paths