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Learn to use Jira and Confluence together with Atlassian University

This course is part of a beta program of new learning experiences from Atlassian University. It includes an interactive simulation rather than a hands-on lab environment. We think you’re going to love it.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to link Jira issues and Confluence pages
  • How to create Jira issues from Confluence
  • How to apply the tools in real-world business situations

Ship projects faster using Jira and Confluence together

In this self-guided course, you’ll learn how to integrate your project management and documentation with Atlassian’s dynamic duo. You’ll gain real-world tips and strategies to help you be more organized, collaborative, and efficient in your job. Through step-by-step videos and an interactive simulation, you’ll have opportunities to practice your skills and boost your confidence using both tools.

Complete this course and earn an official Atlassian University badge. Share the badge with your network and use it to grow your career.

This course is designed for experienced Jira or Confluence users. It’s also applicable for project managers, scrum masters, product managers, administrators, and general users.

Before taking this course, we suggest you take Jira Fundamentals, Confluence Fundamentals, or have equivalent experience.


  • Course Overview

  • Why Integrate Jira and Confluence?

  • Linking Issues and Pages

  • Creating Issues Using Confluence

  • Product Requirements Blueprint

  • Reporting Jira Information in Confluence

  • Simulation Challenge

  • Final Assessment

Enroll $90    

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