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Email in Jira

Configure Jira email for teams

This free Atlassian Skillbuilder course helps you configure Jira email to optimize your team’s experience.

The course explains the key components of Jira's outgoing and incoming mail system, describes how to configure and use the features to better administer Jira, and reviews best practices for scaling.

It is useful for both Jira Data Center Administrators and Jira Cloud Administrators. Note that some topics may be specific to Jira Data Center.

  • Jira Administrators
  1. Introduction

  2. Outgoing Emails

  3. Notification Basics

  4. Notification Parts: Events

  5. Scaling Outgoing Notifications

  6. Incoming Emails

  7. Incoming Emails Basics

  8. Adding Comments

  9. Creating Issues

  10. Common Problems

  11. Best Practices

  12. Conclusion

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