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Learn the most powerful and flexible way to search in Jira

Do the words ‘operators’ and ‘keywords’ make you squirm? Start this free Skillbuilder course to build a solid foundation in JQL. It’ll also help prepare you for a future certification.

JQL is critical to working better in Jira Service Management.

Without JQL you won’t have a handle on your SLAs – tickets will be missing, get overlooked, or show up in queues they don’t belong.

That puts your SLAs at risk of breach. And you won’t be able to get an accurate portrait of your team’s work. Leading to unhappy customers and stressed agents.

You’ll also need to understand JQL to pass your certification exam.

But you need more than just Googling for ‘sample JQL’ to accomplish that.

Build a solid foundation with JQL and you’ll be able to use Jira quickly and efficiently. Plus keep projects organized — making it easier to stay on top of your tickets. You won’t be surprised by issues about to breach or getting into the wrongs queues. You’ll know how the team’s work is going.

With everything under control, you’ll have relaxed agents, satisfied customers, and happy managers.

And a better chance of passing your certification to validate your skills.

What’s inside this course

This free Skillbuilder will start you from the beginning with the basics of JQL. Then move on to how JQL helps with SLAs. You’ll have a look at time-related functions. The final module covers the use of JQL in reports, to support teams who are managing customer requests. This includes how to set up reports to monitor SLAs and prevent breaches.

The teaching goes further with real-world use cases and troubleshooting for common problems.

By the end of this course, you’ll know:

  • The types of functions to power up your filters

  • How to use the built-in Jira Service Management-related functions ( so you can build great queues for your teams.)

  • The best troubleshooting methodologies used by pro Jira Administrators

  • A simple four-step recipe for success to create JQL searches to deliver insights for business goals

  • Why (and how ) to keep your queries from getting too complex and long

This course is designed for you to learn more effectively. Assessments questions in this course are based on Bloom’s taxonomy for educational learning — a learning method to help you utilize, apply, and evaluate for different scenarios. So you’ll be able to remember and make the best decision when you’re on the job.

These are the same certification-style assessments you’ll receive when you take the ACP-420 Managing Jira Service Projects exam.

  • Jira Service Project Managers and Administrators

  • Jira Service Project Agents

  • Jira Service Desk Managers

  • Jira Service Desk Agents

To get the most out of this course, Atlassian University recommends that you should:

  • Already have experience working with Jira Service Management as an agent;

  • Be familiar with commonly used ITSM terms – such as changes, service requests, incidents, problems, and Service Level Agreements;

  • Already completed Atlassian University's Jira Essentials course and Managing Jira Projects.

Learning Paths