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Customizing Jira Workflows

Learn how to customize Jira Workflows for all your teams' business needs

This free Atlassian Skillbuilder covers configuration techniques, best practices, and common pitfalls for every type of workflow transition, along with advanced examples, and troubleshooting and testing advice. It also covers Jira Service Desk approvals and automation.

This course is useful for both Jira Server administrators and Jira Cloud administrators.

  • Jira Administrators

  • Jira Service Project Administrators

  1. Course Overview (2 minutes)

  2. Workflow Basics (9 minutes)

  3. Default Workflows & Customizing (7 minutes)

  4. Configuring Transitions (4 minutes)

  5. Conditions (7 minutes)

  6. Validators (9 minutes)

  7. Post Functions (12 minutes)

  8. Triggers (5 minutes)

  9. Properties (3 minutes)

  10. Create Transitions (3 minutes)

  11. Advanced Examples (16 minutes)

  12. Service Desk Approvals and Automation (16 minutes)

  13. Editing and Testing (10 minutes)

  14. Common Problems and Troubleshooting (3 minutes)

  15. Best Practices and Conclusion (2 minutes)

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