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Learn Jira workflows with Atlassian University

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to build and customize Jira workflows for your team
  • How to configure workflows to improve work processes
  • Concepts like conditions, validators, post functions, and triggers

Improve your business processes with optimized workflows

Optimizing your workflows is key to getting the most out of Jira. This hands-on course helps you improve your team’s processes through creating custom workflows. Learn best practices and solutions through real-world business scenarios. Discover advanced workflow features like conditions, validators, post functions, triggers, and status and transition properties. The concepts taught in this course apply to all Jira products. Attendees will be given the option to use either platform for the hands-on labs.

This course is designed for Jira administrators and individuals that need to design and maintain business processes in Jira workflows.

Before taking this course, we suggest you take Jira Administration Part 1, Jira Administration Part 2, or have equivalent experience. You should be comfortable with:

  • Managing users, groups, project roles, and permissions
  • Creating screens, field, projects, issues, and schemes
  • Creating and using workflow statuses, transitions and scheme


  • Course Overview (20m)
  • Covering the Basics (70m)
  • Creating Conditions & Validators (70m)
  • Automating Your Workflow with Post Functions (50m)
  • Triggering Transitions (20m)
  • Extending Workflows with Properties (50m)
  • Taking It to the Next Level (95m)

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