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Learn to manage your team's Jira projects with confidence

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to work with your administrator to configure Jira
  • How to set up boards and issue types
  • How to modify project details

Manage your team's Jira projects with confidence

This hands-on training course prepares you to manage and configure classic projects in Jira Software and partner effectively with Jira Administrators. It covers all the tasks and best practices used in the creation, configuration, and maintenance of projects in Jira. It also covers topics that go beyond the scope of what project administrators can do. Learn how project administration is tied to Jira administration and the importance of maintaining the health of the system as a whole.

This certification bundle is meant to prepare you for either the:

When you purchase this bundle, you will also receive a voucher for the certification exam.

This course is designed for Jira Power Users, Jira Project Administrators, Jira Administrators, Team Leads, Agile Project Managers, and Scrum Masters preparing for certification.

Before taking this course, we suggest you take Jira Essentials, Jira Essentials with Agile Mindset, or have equivalent experience.


  1. Course overview (10m)
  2. Managing Projects (45m)
  3. Managing Roles and Permissions (1h)
  4. Managing Boards (50m)
  5. Boards and Projects (45m)
  6. Managing Issues (1h)
  7. Automation (40m)*
  8. Reports and Dashboards (40m)
  9. Other Jira Features (40m)
  10. Creating and Configuring team-managed Projects (40m)*

*These topics are only covered in the Cloud version of the course.

⚠️ Jira Service Desk is now Jira Service Management.
Content in this course mentions Jira Service Desk, but is still relevant to Jira Service Management.

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Learning Paths