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Training for Jira: Atlassian University marketplace app

Learn Jira, in Jira

Deliver training to everyone in you organization

Ideal for large teams and enterprise organizations, this affordable and easy-to-install app puts training in the hands of all users. Jira Administrators can ensure everyone has access to quality training videos without ever leaving the Jira interface. Training topics include:

  • Basic terminology and concepts

  • How to use Jira to get work done

  • How to build reports in Jira

  • How to use select Marketplace apps

Get the Training for Jira app on Atlassian Marketplace →

An all-new experience

Atlassian University’s Training for Jira Marketplace app was being rebuilt to address some of our most consistent user feedback. The new app experience provides:

  • an improved user experience with easy filtering

  • better video playback options including video playback speeds options from 0.5x - 4x

Peek inside

Your teams are just two clicks away from valuable training courses. In Jira’s top menu choose: Apps > Training and you're ready to learn.
Easily filter the course catalog to find the most relevant topics for you.
View videos at your own pace with speed controls from 0.5x to 4x! Skip to the lessons you want to learn most or watch them in their intended order.