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Maintain your Atlassian Certification


Atlassian Certifications are valid for 24 months.

This includes the Atlassian Certified Professional (ACP) and the Atlassian Certified Associate (ACA) credentials.

Renewal Program

Atlassian University is developing a new approach to certification renewal in 2024.

To accommodate Certification holders while the new program is being implemented, all non-expired certifications will have their expiration date extended.

Specifically, any certification that was set to expire between February 1, 2024 and September 29, 2024 will now expire on September 30, 2024.

Retired certifications impacted by the renewal pause:

  • ACP-200 ACP-CA Confluence Administrator for Data Center and Server

  • ACP-300 ACP-JSW Agile Development with Jira Software

  • ACP-400 ACP-JSD Jira Service Desk Administrator

  • ACP-500 ACP-SA System Administrator

  • ACP-600 ACP-JPA Jira Project Administrator for Data Center and Server

Available certifications impacted by the renewal pause:

  • ACP-100 ACP-JA Jira Administration for Data Center

  • ACP-120 ACP-JCA Jira Administration for Cloud

  • ACP-420 ACP-MJSP Managing Jira Service Projects for Cloud

  • ACP-520 ACP-OA Atlassian Cloud Organization Admin

  • ACP-610 ACP- MJDP Managing Jira Projects for Data Center

  • ACP-620 ACP- MJCP Managing Jira Projects for Cloud

If your certification expired before February 2024, you may retake the exam to re-earn the certification, if it has not been retired.

Available ACP and ACA certifications can be earned during the renewal pause.

Additional details on the new program will be available by July 2024.

Please see our Certification Program FAQs for more.