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Get answers to common technical questions about how to access and use virtual hands-on labs.

  1. Download the lab workbook for this course from the Resources section.
  2. Watch a lecture.

  3. Watch a demo of the lab exercise.

  4. Perform the hands-on lab exercises found in the lab workbook.

  5. Repeat until you finish the course.

Note: Not all modules include a lab exercise.

Requirements for virtual lab

  • You must be connected to high-speed Internet.
  • Your network must be able to access public websites like You may need to disconnect from the VPN or Proxy server.
  • Use a current version of one of these web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Internet Explorer may not work and is not recommended.
  • Can you access the Jira login screen using this URL: System Dashboard - Jira? You should only see the blue Jira login page (no need to log in now, it's just a test). If you don’t see the Jira login screen, review the Troubleshooting section at the end of this page.

Access your virtual lab environment

You can access the lab environment for a total of 24 hours within the 30 days of course access. The 24-hour timer will start when you first access the lab environment, pause after 30 minutes of inactivity, and begin ticking down again each time the lab environment is resumed. Do not request your lab environment until you're ready to start the hands-on labs.

  1. Start by requesting a hands-on lab environment for this course.

  2. Enter your email address and the class passphrase: Gillian the Picky Nutria

  3. Select Login.

You will be provided an Atlassian Data Center and Server instance that is pre-configured to help you complete the lab exercises for this specific course. Lab exercises and needed credentials are in the lab workbook.

Suspend your environment

You may use the "Suspend Environment" button when you want to pause your work or it will be automatically suspended in case of inactivity for 30 minutes.

Access lab resource files

Some courses require additional files to complete the labs (e.g., JPG, PDF, TXT files). Click the Lab File Resources link from the CloudShare VM Details screen.

How do I find my lab environment if I closed the opened window?

Each time you want to work with your VM click on the "Virtual Lab" link in your course and enter your email and passphrase.

I have more questions or need further lab access support. Who do I contact?

For additional help, please contact the University team.