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Managing Permissions in Jira Cloud: Skillbuilder Course Description

Sharpen your skills at configuring and troubleshooting permissions in Jira Cloud

Learn to translate real-world business requirements into key Jira concepts and then design, configure, and troubleshoot common permission-related problems. Get to know best practices, pitfalls, limitations, and tradeoffs as you sharpen your skills in:

  • product access
  • using groups and roles
  • global and project permissions for both team-managed and company-managed projects
  • issue-level access

Explore common use cases in this course, and prepare for your certification exam with practice use-case solutions and certification-style sample questions.


  1. Permissions overview

  2. Accessing Jira

  3. Global permissions

  4. Company-managed projects

  5. Team-managed projects

  6. Issue permissions

  7. Wrap up