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Managing Users in Jira Data Center: Skillbuilder Course Description

Learn to manage user access efficiently and securely

In this free Skillbuilder course for Jira administrators, you’ll get an overview of managing the Jira user lifecycle and a review of the key concepts and configuration areas, including:

  • product access

  • using groups and roles

  • global and project-level permissions

  • on- and off-boarding users

  • external user management

Through exploration of real-world use cases, you'll learn a step-by-step approach to meeting business requirements, including designing and testing your solution in Jira. You'll also learn a general framework for troubleshooting in Jira and how to apply it effectively to solve common user access problems.

The course will help you prepare for your certification exam with practice use-case solutions and practice certification questions.

Jira Administration Part 2:

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