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Learn Service Request Management in Jira Service Management with Atlassian University
Instructor-led training available:

On-demand enrollment for this course is temporarily frozen. Not to worry – it’ll be back soon with a big price drop you’ll love.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to set up a knowledge base for customer self-service
  • How to automate common tasks to streamline the request process
  • Best practices to reduce requests and improve your request process

Jira Service Management training to improve your customer service, streamline your request process, and overall reduce service requests

Get hands-on experience with how to set up and configure Jira Service Management for the ITSM practice of service request management. Learn to create a self-service knowledge base, automate common tasks, and how best practices can improve your service request management process.

This course covers both IT and business use cases, incorporating enterprise service management practices. During this course you’ll learn how Jira Service Management, including Insight, is used for asset management, and Confluence is used for knowledge management. You’ll also learn how to create and interpret Jira Service Management reports to gain insights for improving your process.

This course is designed for Service project cloud administrators, Jira Cloud administrators, and other members of service teams such as IT support managers, technical leads, customer service managers, and help desk managers.

Before taking this course we suggest you should be familiar with the topics covered in Managing Jira Service Projects like queues, request types, SLAs, automation, and the customer portal.


  1. Course Overview (2 minutes)

  2. Introduction to Service Request Management (15m)

  3. Setting Up a Knowledge Base for Self-Service (19m)

  4. Automating Service Requests (14m)

  5. Automating Asset Management (12m)

  6. Best Practices for Service Request Management (19m)

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