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Working with Jira System Fields: Skillbuilder course description

Dive deeper into system fields to avoid mistakes and help your team

  • Best practices for configuring status, priority, resolution, and other system fields

  • How to use JQL with system fields for reporting and automation

  • Real-world examples for administrator use cases

System fields are found in every Jira issue. Therefore they play a key role in any issue configuration.

This free Skillbuilder course will teach you all the ways Jira system fields can be used to respond to your team’s needs — while keeping your instance organized. You’ll start from the top with a solid groundwork of the concepts and terminology. Then you’ll quickly gain a practical understanding of the status, priority, and resolution fields. Plus you’ll learn troubleshooting tips, apps, and APIs for long-term maintenance.

You’ll also be able to try on real-world administrator use case scenarios . So you can see the impact your choices could have—both good and bad.

  • Jira administrators. Ideal if you’re a new Jira administrator.

  • Company and team-managed projects for Jira Cloud.

  • You’ll also find it useful if you’re an administrator for Jira Data Center & Server.

  1. System Fields Overview (17m) Introduction to system fields concepts and terminology

  2. Statuses (17m) Understand the state of each issue

  3. Priorities (15m) Decide which issues to work on first

  4. Resolutions (16m) See how an issue was resolved


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