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How to Run Effective Meetings

Boost your meeting facilitation skills

Designed by Atlassian’s work futurists, this course gives you the latest insights, tips, and best practices to help you run better meetings.

  • How to lead highly efficient, focused, and effective meetings

  • How to create clear meeting goals and agendas

  • How to keep your attendees actively involved and engaged

  • How to use the Atlassian playbook to improve meeting success

Running effective meetings is a skill you can build over time – one that’s valuable for you to learn at any level in an organization.

Whether you’re a manager of a team or an individual contributor, this course will help you improve your meeting facilitation skills.

At the end of the course, you can pass the multiple choice assessment to earn an official Atlassian University badge you can share with your network.

Meet your instructors

Mark Cruth is Atlassian’s resident Modern Work expert and evangelist. Focused on practice over theory, Mark spends his days coaching both Atlassian and customer teams on new ways of working.

Dom Price is Atlassian’s resident Work Futurist. An accomplished TED speaker, Dom helps Atlassian customers navigate transformation, agility, and the future of work.

Meeting facilitators of all types and levels.


  1. Welcome to the course (1 minute)

  2. What is an effective meeting? (3 minutes)

  3. Do you need a meeting? (4 minutes)

  4. Preparing for the meeting (5 minutes)

  5. Facilitating the meeting (7 minutes)

  6. After the meeting ends (4 minutes)

  7. Bonus tips (4 minutes)

  8. Practice activity (3 minutes)

  9. Course wrap-up

Start this course now and learn how to lead more effective meetings.

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