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About the credential

Atlassian Cloud Foundations is for current and future Cloud users who want to power their career growth by proving they understand the Atlassian Cloud suite of products, platforms, and ecosystem, including:

  • Basic product knowledge of Atlassian Cloud products and apps.

  • Key product integrations.

  • Subscription plans.

  • Cloud user management.

  • Atlassian Cloud Community and support.

Note that the exam does not test on detailed product knowledge, migrations, implementations, or the differences between Cloud and Data Center.

This certification is intended for the following users:

  • Current users of Atlassian Cloud solutions

  • Users in need of cloud solutions

  • Atlassian partners who provide solutions and/or training to Atlassian Cloud customers

When you earn a certification in Atlassian Cloud Foundations, you show that you:

  • Know what products and apps are offered as part of the Atlassian Cloud suite.

  • Understand how the products and apps provide solutions for agile, DevOps, service management, project management, and collaboration use cases.

  • Understand the key integrations between products.

  • Understand the subscription model and tiers for Cloud products.

  • Are familiar with Cloud user management.

  • Understand security and support for Cloud products.

Topics covered

  1. Atlassian Cloud subscriptions and user management - 20%

  2. Atlassian Cloud Community and support - 28%

  3. Atlassian Cloud products and integrations - 52%

Exam specifics

Price: $100
Exam Time: 60 minutes
Questions: 25
Passing Score: 68%
Location: Proctored online or in-person

Atlassian recommends a mixture of review of documentation, self-study, and our free on-demand training.

Free on-demand training

We’ve put together a collection of free self-paced courses in the Prepare for the Atlassian Cloud Foundations certification path. Complete the path to become fully prepared to take the exam.

Exam scheduling

  1. Review how to schedule and take an exam.

  2. Schedule your exam in the Certification Portal.

  3. Review information on how to prepare your environment for the exam and what test aides are permitted.

  4. Mark your calendar, get plenty of rest, and do your best!

Certification maintenance

Atlassian certifications are valid for 24 months.

Learn more about what it means when a certification is active, suspended, expired, or retired >

Contact us

If you have any questions, you can reach us via support ticket here >

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