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Training for Jira: Atlassian University marketplace app


Bring Atlassian University courses and your own training directly into Jira

The Training for Jira app makes it easier for team members to learn in-context and team leads to have insight into training.

Training for Jira integrates courses into the Jira Apps menu, so you or your team can train asynchronously – directly from the Jira interface.

Train directly inside your Jira environment

That means you don’t have to leave Jira to get trained in Jira (or related products). You can quickly find a relevant Atlassian University course with the product, duration, and difficulty level you need.

And if you’re a team lead, Training for Jira offers even more to train your entire organization.

Try Training for Jira free for 30 days

Create and oversee strategic training for your entire organization

Training for Jira can help team leads train at scale.

💡 Put your own custom training right at your team’s fingertips

Your team will learn how your organization uniquely uses Jira or any other topic you need to train. Whether you’ve created a video or a SCORM package, you can easily upload both.

The Add a Course menu lets you include relevant information, an optional thumbnail, and multiple modules.

🎓 Atlassian University training at the right place & right time

The app integrates official Atlassian University courses created by Jira and Confluence experts — covering popular user topics and tasks, and showcasing in-product demos.

The built-in filter helps your team find the exact course they need.

Your team can also access training for popular Atlassian Marketplace apps — including apps like A Tempo Timesheets Primer, eazyBI Reports and Charts for Jira, and more!

📨 New! Put your most important courses front and center

Assign courses directly to entire teams in your organization.

The Admin Tools makes strategic training a breeze

🔍 Quickly see your whole team’s learning progress

Track progress and completions by team member with a bird’s-eye view. You’ll know the most popular courses and sticking points. So you can make sure Jira is properly adopted.

The course participation level also includes an assigned course date.

Less context-switching, more strategic training

Training for Jira makes it easier to learn and easier to train:

☑️ Integrate training directly into Jira
☑️ Learn from official Atlassian University courses
☑️ Upload your own custom training
☑️ Assign courses to your team
☑️ Track progress and completion by team member
☑️ Access Marketplace apps training
☑️ Try for free for the first 30 days

Training for Jira is free to try at the Atlassian Marketplace.