All the training you need to earn your Atlassian Cloud Organization Admin Certification

Complete this free certification prep course to prepare to earn your ACP-520 Atlassian Cloud Organization Admin certification – or mix and match the lessons you need.

In the course, you’ll learn:

  • Objectives necessary to pass your exam successfully.
  • Where you have knowledge gaps so you can formulate your study plan.
  • Every exam topic and subtopic from the experts who wrote the exam.
  • What you’ll need to know to administer users and groups across multiple Cloud organizations, sites, and products.

Resources to help you succeed

  • Guidelines for what is expected in each section of the exam
  • Comprehensive exam topics checklist with links to the relevant documentation
  • Tips and tricks for exam success – including how to approach the exam questions
  • Technical lectures reviewing every exam topic – by the Atlassian experts who wrote the exam
  • Practice questions with explanations of the correct and incorrect responses
  • Sandbox setup instructions
  • Sandbox challenges to guide exploration of the exam topics in Jira
  • Trello template to help you create your own study plan

About Atlassian Certified Professional - Atlassian Cloud Organization Admin Certification

Learn the skills needed to configure and manage Atlassian Cloud sites and products to support your organization.

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