Structure your company’s work

Build and configure Jira issues that suit your company’s needs and easily create future issues with schemes — reusable collections of configurations.

You’ll learn how Jira admins can categorize work in Jira, configure Jira’s default system fields, and apply custom fields according to the organization’s needs. Then, learn how a Jira admin can use field configurations to define the appearance and behavior of fields and configure issue types for company-managed projects. Finally, understand best practices for managing issues and fields.

After this course, you’ll also be able to:

  • Configure issue types, fields, and screens in Jira.
  • Configure system fields, statuses, priorities, and resolutions.
  • Create and configure custom fields.
  • Create a field configuration scheme and associate it with projects.
  • Create an issue type scheme.
  • Create a screen and associate it with an issue operation using a screen scheme

Configure issues and fields across Jira projects using schemes is part of a larger Streamline projects across Jira with shared configurations learning path.