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Give your agile team a strong foundation in Jira

Suitable for beginners, this live instructor-led full-day course will set up your whole team to understand how to use Jira with an agile methodology.

After taking this course, your team will be able to:

  • Use Jira to organize, find, and report their work

  • Apply agile principles and methodologies

  • Configure Jira to match your teams' agile processes

About this course

Using agile processes and tools without understanding the “why” can lead to ineffective teams and processes.

This course teaches how to fuse principles of agile processes with the Jira skills and practices needed to help your team become more effective and efficient.

Your team will learn about Kanban and Scrum, along with essential Jira uses like searching, JQL, epics, and more.

This course is designed for anyone that is new to Jira and/or new to agile principles and methodologies. Applies to Cloud and Data Center customers.

There is no suggested pre-work for this course.

Designed to accelerate your team's learning
Team training for this course helps you bring 15 team members up-to-speed at once.
Expert live instructor
We coordinate and match you with an Atlassian Authorized Solution Partner.
Flexible location
Learn either on-site at your office or through a virtual live online class.
Hands-on labs
Each team member gets a safe, sandbox environment using hands-on labs.
For your team only
Ask organization-specific questions & train in a social environment.

Lessons include

  • Agile and Jira Overview

  • Project Boards

  • Enrich Issues

  • Kanban Method

  • Lean and Agile Principles

  • Scrum

  • Searching

  • Filters

  • Epics

  • Dashboards

  • Putting it all Together

Questions about team training

How does my team training get scheduled?

Once you purchase a team training course, our delivery team will match your preferred date and time with an Atlassian Authorized Training Partner instructor.

How many attendees are in a class?

All team training has a limit of 15 attendees.

How much does team training cost?

Team training on-site: $7,500. Team training virtual: $3,000

What if I need to cancel?

You can cancel or reschedule up to 3 business days before the class start date. See our refund policy here.

What payment do you accept?

Most major credit cards, bank transfer, and Atlassian University Training Credits (which have a 20% bulk purchase discount).

How can I get more details about how Atlassian University delivers team training?

Learn more about team training here (scroll to the Team Training section) →

Please note: The Cloud version of the course is the only version that is designed to prepare you for the Atlassian Certified Associate certification. The Data Center version of the course does not have an associated certification.

Bring your whole team up-to-speed on Jira with live team training
Dedicated expert instructor
Social learning environment
Exclusive hands-on labs access
Flexible on-site or virtual training
Up to 15 team members
Ability to ask organization-specific questions