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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Get answers to common questions about training from Atlassian University.

For questions about certification and labs, check out:

What kinds of training products do you offer?

We offer on-demand and Team Training (virtual or on-site) training courses. If a course is designated as "Team (virtual)" or "Team (on-site)," then up to 15 employees from your organization may attend the course.

→ Learn more about how we deliver training.

Our DevOps Simulation Workshop requires you to provide an adequately sized class/meeting room to accommodate 16-20 participants and two instructors. If the minimum number of participants (16) is not met, the workshop cannot be held but is treated as delivered and fees are forfeited. Any cancellation or reschedule request must be in writing to Atlassian and are subject to the refund policies outlined below.

How much does training cost and what payment methods do you accept?

Below is the pricing for the different training products offered by Atlassian University. Only credit cards and Training Credits are accepted.

On-demand courses (for individuals)

  • $39

Team Training (virtual) courses (up to 15 learners)

  • $3000

Team Training (on-site) courses (up to 15 learners)

  • $7500

    • Atlassian reserves the right to charge reasonable travel and expense fees upon your prior approval
  • You can schedule either of the following on one business day:

    • Two courses, less than four hours, or;
    • One course, six hours or more

DevOps Simulation Workshop (between 16-20 attendees is required)

  • $10000

    • Atlassian reserves the right to charge reasonable travel and expense fees upon your prior approval

What are Training Credits?

Training Credits offer a flexible and convenient way to purchase courses from Atlassian University. Buy for your team, department, or an entire organization with this enterprise-friendly approach to procurement and planning.

Once purchased, credits are valued at $1 USD, and you'll have an entire year from the date of purchase to redeem them. Share credits across your teams or plan enrollments for others team members with administrative tools. You can also get a discount when you purchase 20,000 or more credits.

To redeem Training Credits, you must make your purchase at the Atlassian University website and consume Courses through Atlassian’s designated platform in accordance with each Course’s availability timetable.

→ Learn more about purchasing and policies for Training Credits.

Do you offer refunds?

We offer a no-questions-asked refund on courses you do not schedule, attend, or view within thirty (30) days after purchase. However, refunds are not available for courses that you fail to properly reschedule as set forth above, or that you do not attend.

→ To request a refund, please raise a ticket with Support.

DevOps Simulation Workshop refunds

If Atlassian cancels a workshop delivery, Atlassian will provide you the option to reschedule to a later available date that is within 12 months of the purchase date. Workshop sessions cancelled or rescheduled by customer within 15 business days of the scheduled delivery are subject to a 50% fee of the workshop purchase price. Cancellations or re-schedules within five business days are subject to a 100% fee of the workshop purchase price. Cancellation requests must be submitted in writing.

What are learning paths?

Learning paths map out our recommendations for the order in which to take classes, according to your role. Prerequisites for each class are suggestions to consider as you gain experience through product usage.

→ Browse learning paths available through Atlassian University.

How are team courses delivered?

Atlassian University's team (virtual) courses are led by an instructor live, online via video conferencing apps such as Zoom or WebEx. Each course offers hands-on labs in a virtual lab environment. Courses follow a pre-defined workbook, series of lab exercises, objectives, and topics delivered by an Atlassian Authorized Instructor.

Team (on-site) courses offer companies access to live instruction on location with their teams.

→ Learn more about how we deliver training for teams.

How can I determine which Atlassian platform I'm using: Cloud, Data Center, or Server?

Open a browser window for your Jira or Confluence instance, and view the URL address:

  • If the URL contains, then you are on a Cloud platform.
  • If the URL does not contain, you are using Server or Data Center.

Is it possible to track progress for all my learners within my organization?

Unfortunately, this is not a supported feature at this time.

Can I access Atlassian University course content offline?

Unfortunately, this is not a supported feature at this time.

Can we get the SCORM files to upload into the LMS at my own organization?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide the SCORM files with the Atlassian University content to external organizations at this time.

Why Can't I Share my Certificate of Completion on LinkedIn?

While you can (and should!) share badges and certifications earned to LinkedIn, Certificates of Completion are not credentials and therefore cannot be shared to LinkedIn’s Licenses & Certifications section. We are looking into options that would allow Certificates of Completion to be added to the Activity section. In the meantime, you can still save the Certificate of Completion and share it.

I have more questions or need further training support. Who do I contact?

→ For additional help, please contact the University team.