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Atlassian University for higher education


Getting your first job in technology is competitive: stand out in your field with proficiency in Atlassian’s industry-leading tools. Get free Atlassian University training in Jira Software, along with a path to earn badges and your first Atlassian certification.

  • Build your confidence in Jira Software

  • Get noticed by employers

  • Improve your job prospects

Enroll today and get a jumpstart on your career.

How it works

  1. ENROLL in the program with a valid education email address to gain access to the courses.

  2. LEARN at your own pace, or with classmates, using on-demand videos, resources, and lab demos to practice what you learn. Earn Atlassian University badges along the way to validate your newfound knowledge.

  3. STUDY for your first certification exam: pair your training and experiences with labs to prepare for ACP-620: the Managing Jira Projects certification exam.

  4. SHARE your first credential on your resume and LinkedIn. Respond with confidence about your Jira skills in job interviews.


These Jira Software courses are designed to prepare you for the role of a Jira Project Administrator in Jira Cloud. What you’ll learn in them will better prepare your to use Jira Software, even if you don’t choose to become a Project Administrator. There are approximately 30+ hours of training within these courses.

  • Jira Fundamentals

  • Jira Essentials with Agile Mindset

  • Gain project insights through JQL

  • Managing Jira Projects

  • Managing Permissions in Jira

  • Agile Boards and Reports

  • Basic Reporting in Jira

  • Customizing Workflows

  • Managing Jira Projects Certification

These courses come with labs which allow students to practice labs and exercises within the software. On-demand recordings and demos are available for 30 days. Note: Access to your lab environment is also 30 days, but that access is independent of your course. The access window begins when you first initiate the lab environment, regardless of when you enrolled in the course.


Free for higher education students, faculty, and staff:

  • On-demand course video content
  • 30-day access to hands-on lab environments
  • Atlassian University badge quizzes

Assessment pricing:

  • $35 USD: APB-332 Jira Essentials with Agile Mindset Pro Skills Badge assessment
  • $100 USD: ACP-620 Managing Jira Projects certification exam

Passing scores are not guaranteed. Students can re-take the exams, and pricing is the same for re-takes.


  1. Create an Atlassian ID with your higher education email address (Must include .edu,, or

  2. Complete the Enrollment Form

  3. Start learning!


For enrollment questions or help accessing the courses after your enrollment, click here.