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Atlassian Pro Skills Badges and Skillbuilder Courses

Pro Skills Badges

Badges & Certifications

Earn Pro Skills Badge credentials to grow your career—before or after—an Atlassian Certification. Pro Skills Badges can be earned after learning from select training courses or our free Skillbuilder courses. Explore both in this catalog.

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  • APB-220 Confluence Space Administration Pro Skills Badge

    Earn an Atlassian Pro Skills Badge in Confluence Space Administration. This credential covers the skills needed to configure and manage Confluence spaces to support any development or business team working in Confluence for Cloud or Data Center.

    • APB-710 Jira Align Agilist: Pro Skills Badge

      Earn an Atlassian Pro Skills Badge in Jira Align (APB-JAA). This credential showcases those who understand which Jira Align features support the business from ideation to product delivery and can configure features and settings pertinent to Product Roadmapping, Program Increment Planning...

      • Issue Security in Jira

        This free Skillbuilder course will demostrate how to finely control access at the issue level in Jira. Learn the most common use cases for issue security in Jira, and how to meet business requirements with step-by-step configuration examples. Identify potential...

        • Duration 1.7h
        • Advanced
      • Using Confluence for Documentation & Knowledge Bases

        This free Skillbuilder course covers useful techniques to surface relevant documentation and standardize your Confluence content using templates and blueprints. You'll learn how to set up a knowledge-base in Confluence for self-service customer support in Jira Service Management. You can...

        • Duration 1h
        • Intermediate
      • Managing Agile Boards and Reports

        Fine-tune your team’s work in Jira with either kanban and scrum boards. Learn how to pick the right board type for your team, and then customize it to fit your specific requirements. This course is designed for Jira project administrators,...

        • Duration 1.8h
        • Advanced
      • Jira Governance & Housekeeping

        Learn the best ways to set up and to keep Jira instances healthy for the long haul. Get to know best practices, pitfalls, limitations, and tradeoffs as you: explore Jira administration at a high level understand the balance between customization...

        • Duration 1.4h
        • Advanced
      • Extended Project Administration in Jira Data Center

        In this free Atlassian Skillbuilder course, you’ll learn how to delegate key Jira admin tasks at the project level, how to customize a project’s workflows, fields, and screens, and how to apply best practices and troubleshoot configurations.

        • Duration 1.8h
        • Advanced