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Live Events
  • JQL for Admins: Skillbuilder Course Description

    In JQL for Admins, you'll review the basics of JQL (Jira Query Language), learn JQL syntax including operators, functions, and keywords to execute these advanced searches. You’ll level up when you learn the usage of relative and calendar functions, and...

    • Duration 36m
    • Intermediate
  • Bitbucket Pipelines Configuration: Course Description

    This hands-on course will show you how to implement a CI/CD solution with Bitbucket Pipelines. You’ll learn how to integrate testing and third party tools into your pipeline, and how to deploy your pipeline to AWS. In the course labs,...

    • Duration 5h
    • Intermediate
  • Confluence Administration: Course Description

    Now updated for Cloud: This hands-on training course helps you understand the most important Confluence administrative tasks. Learn how to setup and configure your instance, manage users and groups, and control permission settings. Use best practices to structure and...

    • Duration 7h
    • Intermediate
  • Jira Governance & Housekeeping: Skillbuilder course description

    Learn the best ways to set up and to keep Jira instances healthy for the long haul. Get to know best practices, pitfalls, limitations, and tradeoffs as you: explore Jira administration at a high level understand the balance between customization...

    • Duration 1.4h
    • Advanced
  • Working with Jira System Fields: Skillbuilder course description

    This free Skillbuilder course will teach you all the ways Jira system fields can be used to respond to your team’s needs, while keeping your instance organized. You’ll quickly gain a practical understanding of the status, priority, and resolution fields....

    • Duration 1.1h
    • Advanced