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  • Agile at Scale

    Whether your enterprise is using LeSS, SAFe, SoS, or any other agile at scale framework, learn how Jira and Jira Align can ensure visibility at the team, Program, and Portfolio levels to drive overall business value.

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  • Confluence Administrator

    Create the best team experience for creating and managing content. Learn advanced ways to manage Confluence users, spaces, and templates for Knowledge Bases and Documentation.

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    • Intermediate
  • Confluence User

    Get trained in the fundamentals and essentials that will help you collaboratively create documentation.

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    • Beginner
  • DevOps

    Learn the Atlassian approach to DevOps, and how to connect Jira with Bitbucket, Jira Service Management, and other third-party tools to optimize your DevOps workflow.

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  • Jira Administrator

    Become an expert in how to configure project boards, set up sprints, assign team members to roles, create reports, and more in this essential role for teams.

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    • Advanced
  • Jira Project Administrator

    Jira Project Administrators can configure project boards, set up sprints, assign team members to roles, and create reports. They work with Jira Administrators when global changes are required.

    • Path
    • Intermediate
  • Jira User

    Learn to use Jira to manage your daily work and projects, plus track progress of the work done within your team.

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    • Beginner
  • Team Agile

    Build on your agile skills to optimize Jira Software for your development teams.

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