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Enroll in these new—and recently refreshed—courses, certifications, and badges. Explore what we've added or updated within the last 90 days.

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  • Async Collaboration for Distributed Teams: Course description

    Learn how to keep your remote teammates connecting and collaborating across time zones. Designed by Atlassian’s work futurists, this free course helps you unlock the power of async collaboration. Get ready for the latest tips, tools, and best practices you...

    • Duration 45m
    • Beginner
  • Atlassian Access Administration: Course description

    Minimize security risk while saving time. This on-demand course will show you how to use Atlassian Access to easily administer enterprise-level security and authentication controls for all users across Atlassian products.

    • Duration 1.5h
    • Advanced
  • Writing Complex JQL Queries in Jira Software: Course description

    This self-paced course takes advanced search to the next level - helping you write complex functions, keywords, and operators. You’ll explore a wide range of customizable queries, plus how to search with text-based fields and dates.

    • Duration 30m
    • Intermediate
  • Trello Administration Specialization

    Become an official Trello Administrator and unlock the full potential of your team. Learn how to manage boards, configure Workspaces, and set up Trello Enterprise.

    • Path
    • Duration 1.1h
    • Intermediate
  • Managing Confluence Spaces: Course description

    This Atlassian University course is all about Confluence spaces. Learn how to structure content so it's easy to find and use, how to clean up and maintain content, and control user access. You’ll also learn how to export and archive....

    • Duration 2.5h
    • Intermediate
  • Managing a Board in Trello: Course Description

    This free self-guided course from Atlassian University will help you make your Trello workflow simpler and more organized — whether you use Trello for work or personal use.

    • Duration 35m
    • Intermediate
  • How to Run Effective Meetings: Course description

    Boost your meeting facilitation skills. Designed by Atlassian’s work futurists, this free course by Atlassian University gives you the latest insights, tips, and best practices to help you run better meetings.

    • Duration 30m
    • Beginner