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Asset Management Essentials in Jira Service Management Live Team Training

Enhance your team’s Jira Service Management workflow with Assets' management capabilities

A live expert instructor will teach your team core Assets functionality — including navigation, working with the object schema, searching, importing data, and reporting.

After taking this course, your team will be able to:

  • View and edit object types, objects, and attributes in an Assets schema

  • Configure Assets automation

  • Import data into Assets

About this course

Your team will discover how they can use Assets to manage Enterprise assets (EAM) and IT assets (ITAM), and explore its CMDB capabilities.

They’ll get acquainted with the Assets UI and navigation. Then work with object schemas to create and manage object types, attributes, and objects, as well as run searches and generate reports.

Your team will also learn to configure Assets automation and integrate with external systems to import data into Assets.

This course is designed for Assets users, Assets managers, Assets administrators, service project administrators, and other members of incident response teams such as IT Ops managers, IT support managers, technical leads, developers, site reliability engineers, network engineers, and more.

Before taking this course, we suggest your team is familiar with Jira Service Management and Jira Automation.

Designed to accelerate your team’s performance
Team training for this course helps you bring 15 team members team up-to-speed at once.
Expert live instructor
We coordinate and match you with an Atlassian Authorized Solution Partner.
Flexible location
Learn either on-site at your office or through a virtual live online class.
Exclusive hands-on practice
Each team member gets a safe sandbox environment using hands-on labs.
For your team only
Ask organization-specific questions and train in a social environment.

Lessons include

  • Course Overview

  • Assets Basics

  • Creating Object Types and Attributes

  • Connecting Object Types

  • Searching and Basic IQL

  • Importing Data

  • Assets Automation

  • Assets Reporting*

*This lesson is available for Data Center only

Materials in this course refer to ‘Assets’ previous brand name, ‘Insight’. Not to worry! Nothing else has changed besides the name. All functionality is the same as before. So you’ll get just as much learning out of this course.

Enhance your Jira Service Management workflow with Assets' management capabilities
Dedicated expert instructor
Social learning environment
Exclusive hands-on labs access
Flexible on-site or virtual training
Up to 15 team members
Ability to ask organization-specific questions