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ACP-420 Certification Exam: Managing Jira Service Projects for Cloud


Become an Atlassian Certified Jira Service Project Manager. This Certification is intended for Jira service project administrators with at least 1 year of experience, and covers the skills needed to configure and manage service projects for your teams and customers.

A Certification in Managing Jira Service Projects for Cloud (ACP-MJSP) showcases those who:

  • can interpret and translate business requirements into service project configurations

  • are experts in features specific to service projects, including request types, queues, and SLAs

  • manage permissions and notifications for customers and agents

  • can optimize the customer experience through portal configurations and knowledge base design

  • can improve team efficiency using dashboards, reports and automation

  • leverage Atlassian Community and resources to implement best practices

  • understand the concepts and purpose of features unique to the ITSM project template (ITSM proficiency is not required for this certification)

Training credits can be used to purchase vouchers for this exam.

In a 2021 survey, 86% of Atlassian Certified professionals reported their credential increased their professional credibility.

Exam details

Products covered: Jira Service Management Cloud
Timing: You must complete the exam within 90 days of your purchase of the course.
Location: Proctored online (also available at testing centers)

Exam topics


ACP exams are intended to be challenging – increase your chances of success with careful preparation! Before you plan for your exam, use the link above to download the ACP-420 exam topics in order to evaluate your readiness.

Training and experience

We recommend having at least one year of experience administering Jira service projects before taking this exam.

Sample exam questions

Atlassian provides sample exam questions with detailed explanations; these should be part of your preparation strategy. Study the explanations for all the questions, even the ones you answer correctly - they’ve been written to help you recall key facts and concepts before you go into the exam.

Exam preparation

Overall, you’ll want to:

  • Get hands-on practice across all the topics, paying particular attention to functionalities you work with less often.

  • Make sure you understand how Jira Service Management operates with no apps installed.

  • Consult the Atlassian product documentation to learn about nuances of each topic that you may be unfamiliar with.

  • Use the English version to prepare for the exam (If you typically use a localized product), so that you'll be familiar with the names of menu options and other product features.

  • Know which test aids are permitted during the exam:

    • Hard copy of English or English Translation Dictionary (allowed both online or at testing centers)
    • Pencil/Pen and Paper (allowed at testing centers only, and must by supplied by testing center)
    • Water in a clear container

More resources

Schedule your exam

  1. Read how to schedule and take an exam.

  2. Schedule and pay for your exam in the Certification Portal using a credit card or a voucher.

  3. Mark your calendar, get plenty of rest, and do your best!

Training credits can be used to purchase vouchers for this exam.