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Prepare for the Jira Software Board Configuration certification


The Jira Software Board Configuration certification covers effective Jira Software board configuration. Earning this certification proves your understanding of Jira Software board types and concepts, as well as your ability to configure board filters, visual elements, and estimation settings.

First, take the courses to understand the concepts and skills that will be covered in the exam. Then, study with the prep resources until you're feeling ready!

Below, you'll also find a number of useful community groups and links to support your journey to certification. Complete all the activities to build up your knowledge, or pick and choose what you need to brush up on your skills.

Once you’re fully prepared, take the exam to get certified!

Master the right skills with on-demand courses

Build a foundation of knowledge to help you earn the certification.

Plan for the exam

More resources to help you study.

Go deeper with optional supporting resources

Get advice from the Atlassian Community

Join relevant community groups for real-world tips and use cases.

Broaden your understanding

After you pass your exam, continue your journey with more live training, courses, events, and articles.