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Atlassian certification overview: Get certified in Jira, Confluence, and more


Atlassian Certifications are career-boosting credentials that help you:

  • Advance your career. Employers know that your skills have been tested.

  • Highlight your knowledge & skills. Showcase your credentials on your resume, LinkedIn, and more!

  • Earn global recognition. Your certification carries Atlassian’s reputation — no matter where you are in the world.

In 2021 surveys, 86% of Atlassian Certified Professionals reported credentials increased their professional credibility.

Certification Types

Atlassian University offers two types of certifications depending on your experience level.

🏆 Atlassian Certified Associate: Build your certification stack as you build skills

Atlassian Certified Associates are entry-point certifications into the Atlassian Certified global talent ecosystem, intended to help you get credentialed as soon as you become skilled in Atlassian products and solutions.

Designed for beginner to intermediate learners, they’re affordable and accessible exams that still carry Atlassian’s global recognition. You can mix and match ACA certifications to build your certification stack around the skills most relevant to your work.

View all available Associate certifications →

🎓 Atlassian Certified Professional: Validate your expertise

Atlassian Certified Professional certifications are role-based and reflect and validate your expertise. Preparing to earn a Professional certification requires product experience, independent study, and Atlassian-provided training courses.

Learn and prepare straight from the source thanks to Atlassian study companions.

View all available Professional certifications →  

A quotation from Steve Tsiopanos, Atlassian Certified Professional: Getting certified has bolstered my role as a DevOps Manager and Atlassian Product Owner for my company. I can lead teams with more flexibility knowing they trust my expertise.


What’s the exact process to get certified?
View the step-by-step process to get certified →

For how long is my certification valid?
Your certification is automatically valid for two years (24 months). If you wish to extend your certification, see how to maintain your certification →

How much does it cost to get certified?
Atlassian only charges a one-time exam fee to cover the costs of third-party exam proctoring. The Atlassian Certified Professional exam fee is $249. The Atlassian Certified Associate exam fee is $100.

Where can I find and talk to my peers who are also earning certifications?
No matter what stage you’re at in your certification journey, you can hop into the Training and Certification group at Atlassian Community to ask questions, get tips, or join a study group.

See the full FAQ list →

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