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Confluence Administration Data Center & Server

This course cannot currently be purchased. Please stand by while we build an exciting new learning experience. If you’d like more information, please refer to our landing page outlining the change and temporary purchase freeze.

Step into your role as a Confluence administrator and help your teams do their best work

Whether you’re setting up a new instance or taking over an existing one, this on-demand course will help you help your team use Confluence as their go-to collaborative tool.

After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Configure and administer spaces

  • Manage, structure, and maintain content

  • Manage global, space, and page permissions to control access

About this course

If you’re a new Confluence administrator, you’ll need to learn how to set up Confluence for your organization and keep it functioning.

This course will give you a solid introduction to configuring your site, including how to invite new users, effectively administer spaces, and manage content.

You’ll learn to structure content so it's easy to find, use, clean up, and maintain. And you'll also learn how to control access to content, configure templates, and use blueprints.

This course is designed for Confluence administrators.

Before taking this course, you should complete Confluence Fundamentals or have equivalent experience. You should be comfortable creating and editing pages, using macros, and working in space.

Develop your skills at your own individual pace
The on-demand training format for this course is designed for your busy life:
Pause and come back where you left off for up to 90 days.
All on-demand training is a wallet-friendly $39.
Upskill with engaging bite-sized modules or as part of a well-rounded learning path.
Rather bring live instruction to your whole team? Check out the team training for this course →

Lessons include

  • Course Overview

  • Global Settings

  • Global Permissions

  • Spaces Administration

  • Content Management

  • Ongoing Confluence Management

Step into your role as a Confluence administrator and help your teams do their best work