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  • Certification FAQ

    Find answers to some of Atlassian University’s most frequently asked Certification questions. Learn how to pay for and schedule your exam, maintain your certification, and what types of credentials Atlassian offers.

    • Training FAQ

      Find answers to some of Atlassian University’s most frequently asked training questions. Learn how to log in for a course, how to purchase courses or training credits, and how to contact us.

      • APB-332 Jira Cloud Essentials Pro Skills Badge

        Earn an Atlassian Pro Skills Badge in Jira Cloud Essentials (APB-JE). This credential showcases those who can work effectively in Scrum and Kanban projects, and are fluent with all the features of Jira that help find, organize, and report on work.

        • Training Credits

          Training Credits offer flexibility and connivence for buying and planning team training for your organization or enterprise. Atlassian University offers administrative tools to help plan training through credits over the course of a year. Plus, enjoy a discount when buying...

          • APB-220 Confluence Space Administration Pro Skills Badge

            Earn an Atlassian Pro Skills Badge in Confluence Space Administration. This credential covers the skills needed to configure and manage Confluence spaces to support any development or business team working in Confluence for Cloud or Data Center.

            • Public classes [beta]

              Training is better together. With public classes you don’t have to get your team together to get the benefit of learning with a group. Just find one of our Authorized Training Partner-led public classes that fits your schedule, follow the...

              • The Beginner's Guide to Agile in Jira: Course Description

                Learn what agile, kanban, and scrum is, why they are awesome, and how agile works in Jira Software. “The Beginner's Guide to Agile in Jira” delivers expert tips for building an "agile mindset" so you can manage your tasks efficiently...

                • Duration 1.5h
                • Beginner
              • How to Scale Agile Processes Using Jira Align Dependencies

                Watch this webinar to learn how to translate dependencies from Jira Align to Jira, helping you better manage your scaled agile processes. We’ll demonstrate how to keep track of your dependencies so your team has insight into cascading work.

                • Duration 1.0h
                • Beginner
              • Working with Jira System Fields: Skillbuilder course description

                This free Skillbuilder course will teach you all the ways Jira system fields can be used to respond to your team’s needs, while keeping your instance organized. You’ll quickly gain a practical understanding of the status, priority, and resolution fields....

                • Duration 1.1h
                • Advanced
              • Jira Governance & Housekeeping: Skillbuilder course description

                Learn the best ways to set up and to keep Jira instances healthy for the long haul. Get to know best practices, pitfalls, limitations, and tradeoffs as you: explore Jira administration at a high level understand the balance between customization...

                • Duration 1.4h
                • Advanced
              • How to get certified

                Step-by-step instructions on how to get certified in Jira, Jira Service Management, Confluence, and more Atlassian products. Grow your career with these professional credentials that showcase your expertise and product knowledge.

                • Atlassian University for higher education

                  Stand out in your field with proficiency in Atlassian’s industry-leading tools. Get free Atlassian University training in Jira Software, along with a path to earn badges and your first Atlassian certification. Enroll today and get a jumpstart on your career.

                  • Trello Fundamentals

                    Learn how to use Trello in just 90 minutes with this beginner Trello training course collection. Start with key concepts like cards, lists, and boards. Then discover expert tips and best practices to optimize your Trello experience.

                    • Path
                    • Duration 1.5h
                    • Rating 4.8
                    • Beginner
                  • Confluence Quickstart: New to Cloud

                    Learn what’s new and improved in Confluence Cloud in just 30 minutes. Watch the videos, build your confidence, and get back to your projects ASAP. Complete this course and earn an official Atlassian University badge you can share with your...

                    • Path
                    • Duration 30m
                    • Rating 5.0
                    • Beginner
                  • Confluence Administration: Make Your Team's Content Sing

                    In this free webinar, you’ll learn how to manage users and content in Confluence spaces. We’ll demonstrate how your teams can utilize out-of-the-box Confluence functionality to effectively build and manage spaces and content. This webinar is intended for Confluence Cloud...

                    • Duration 55m
                    • Rating 5.0
                    • Beginner