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How to Build Strategic Guidance

Create a compelling strategy that guides your team toward achieving their goals

Designed by Atlassian’s top modern work experts, this self-paced course draws on the Atlassian Team Playbook to help leaders achieve better results and outcomes for their teams and customers.

After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Create a shared understanding on your team around your team’s vision and goals

  • Improve your team’s effectiveness at visualizing the customer experience and making group decisions

  • Develop some expert facilitation techniques for those Plays focused on strategic guidance

About this course

If your team needs clear goals, lacks a shared understanding, or doesn’t feel connected to your customer, How to build strategic guidance will help you unlock your team and organization's potential to reach that high-performing level.

Atlassian’s top work futurists designed this course around four leadership Plays from the Atlassian Team Playbook – the freely available set of practices that fuel Atlassian's teamwork culture.

They’ll guide you from start to finish for running each Play – including the pre-work necessary and the post-play follow-up to make it most effective. Each Play also includes tips and tricks from real Atlassians that use these Plays.

Earn a resume-worthy badge by passing the 10-question assessment at the end.

This course is designed for any team leader – from delivery team leads all the way up to executives.

There are no prerequisites to take this course. However, it’s recommended that you take How to shape effective teams after you’ve completed this course to get your team aligned on your new goals.

Meet your instructors

Mark Cruth is Atlassian’s resident Modern Work expert and evangelist. Focused on practice over theory, Mark spends his days coaching both Atlassian and customer teams on new ways of working.

Sven Peters is Atlassian’s DevOps advocate. Studying trends in software development for the last 15 years, Sven is uncovering the cultural and technical attributes to help development teams work effectively and drive innovation.

Lessons include

  • Welcome + Strategic Guidance Overview

  • Vision Creation Play

  • Goals, Signals, and Measures Play

  • Customer Journey Mapping Play

  • DACI Play

Create a compelling strategy that guides your team toward achieving their goals