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How to schedule and take an Atlassian Certification exam


Atlassian Pro Skills Badges demonstrate your expertise in specific Atlassian features, use cases, and skills. Learn how to earn this career-boosting credential to share with employers or extend an Atlassian Certification.

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Timing your Badge

If you’re earning the badge to extend a Certification, plan carefully with these considerations:

  • Following the recommended course, you can take the assessment to earn the badge immediately, or you can choose to wait, and earn the badge only when you need it to extend a related Certification.
  • Earning a badge will extend any related Certifications by 24 months from the badge earned date, providing you earn it before the Suspension Date of your Certifications.
  • You can still earn a badge during the 90-day Suspension period. If you earn a badge during the Suspension period, your badge will extend your Certification by 24 months from the Certification Suspension Date.
  • Your badge will extend only the related Certifications you already hold. Earning a badge before earning a Certification will have no effect on the Certification.

Schedule your exam

Schedule and pay for your exam from the Certification Portal using a credit card or a voucher. During scheduling, you will have the option to choose to take the exam online or at a testing center.

Atlassian will work with individuals with documented disabilities to provide reasonable and appropriate access to our exams. To request special exam accommodations, please submit a ticket at least 2 weeks before your exam appointment at our Service Desk.

Taking your exam at a testing center

Please remember to arrive at the test center 15 minutes prior to your exam start time. There are NO BREAKS during the exam.

All Candidates MUST present ONE form of identification. All identification presented must be current or unexpired and contain a photo and signature. Acceptable forms of identification include:

  • Driver's License
  • State identity card (non-driver license)
  • Passport
  • Passport card
  • Military ID
  • Green card
  • Alien registration
  • Permanent resident card
  • National identification card

Taking your exam online

To prepare for your online exam, download our Online Proctored Exam Setup Guide to view the detailed system requirements and setup instructions:

If you can't meet the system requirements, you can cancel your online exam appointment and schedule a new exam appointment in a Testing Center.

Note: Cancelling or rescheduling an appointment within 48 hours of the original appointment will result in forfeiture of the paid exam fee.

Prepare your environment for the exam

  • Review the Online Proctored Exam Setup Guide again.
  • You cannot take a break for any reason. If you leave the workstation during the exam, your exam will be suspended. Your workstation (desk) must be clutter-free and contains only one computer, one monitor, one keyboard, and one mouse.
  • Please disable firewalls or use a computer without a corporate firewall. Firewalls may interfere with installing the secure browser needed to take the test. You should use a computer on which you have the privileges needed to install applications. The secure browser app is a web browser to guarantee securely proctored exam over a virtual connection in a restricted environment.

Take your online exam

  • Log in to the Certification Portal and click on Schedule and Take an Exam at least 30 minutes prior to your exam time.
  • Launch your exam to start the Photo & ID Verification and Room Scan process.
  • Once everything is reviewed and approved by the proctor, then the exam will be ready for you to click Start.


If you need immediate assistance during the exam, please contact PSI Bridge Tech Support via Chat at then click Live Support Online from the left navigation bar.

You can also contact them via phone:
USA: 1-844-267-1017
Outside the USA: 1-617-564-9052