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Learn basic reporting in Jira Software Cloud with Atlassian University

Better understand your team’s progress and make data-informed decisions

  • How to use Jira Software reporting to help manage your work

  • How to generate reports for both kanban and scrum projects

  • How to use insights and analyze the data in Jira reports

This on-demand training course will help you and your team unleash the power of reporting in Jira. You’ll learn about Jira Software Cloud’s different types of reports, discover which one is right for you, and explore how teams use them through real-world examples. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to interpret and use the data to improve you and your team’s work right away.

Complete this course and pass a 20-question assessment to earn your Basic Reporting in Jira badge. It's one of many badges and certifications we offer

  • Intermediate Jira Software Cloud users

Before taking this course, we suggest you take Jira Fundamentals or have equivalent experience:

Jira Fundamentals course:

How to use reporting in Jira

  1. Welcome to basic reporting in Jira

  2. Why use reporting?

  3. How to use reporting

Jira reports for kanban projects

  1. Control Chart

  2. Cumulative Flow Diagram

Jira reports for scrum projects

  1. Burndown Chart

  2. Burnup Chart

  3. Sprint Report

  4. Epic Report

  5. Epic Burndown

  6. Release Burndown

  7. Velocity Chart

  8. Version Report

Work management reports and insights in Jira

  1. Work management reports

  2. Insights in Jira

Try it yourself: reporting in Jira

  1. Practice what you’ve learned

  2. What’s up next?

Basic Reporting in Jira Assessment

  1. Assessment

  2. Share your feedback

Get started learning today.


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